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About property management

Ober-Haus property management team has been operating since 2007 and takes care of all aspects of long-term housing rental administration. Our team consists of property management administrators, real estate experts, and market analysts, allowing us to offer and ensure comprehensive services. We manage all types of residential properties: apartments, houses, cottages, and other structures, and guarantee a smooth rental administration process for all property owners – both legal entities and individuals.


Our team addresses all typical property management issues: collects rent payments, allocates fees for premises maintenance and/or utilities, drafts facility management contracts, organizes the repair of equipment malfunctions and minor repairs within the premises. We also assist owners in increasing the profitability of their real estate by identifying areas for improvement, adjusting rental terms, and renegotiating lease agreements.

Our services

The search for tenants and contract preparation

For many years, we have been working with foreign embassies, large international and local companies, and individual clients, so we can rent out clients’ property on the best terms. We prepare long-term lease agreements, negotiate rental conditions that protect the client’s interests, guarantee the highest rental price, and secure reliable tenants.

Owner representation in communication with tenants

We handle the daily issues between the landlord and tenant related to the lease. We oversee the compliance with rental contract obligations. We inventory the property being handed over and returned. We alert owners about expiring lease, insurance, and other contracts. We inform landlords about tenants’ intentions.

Payment management

We calculate rent, deposits, utilities, and other fees, collect and provide tenants with invoices. We record meter readings and submit this data to relevant authorities. We oversee tenant payments.

Premises inspection

We inspect the premises upon moving out, at the end of the lease agreement. We examine the list of equipment specified in the agreement on lease of premises.

Troubleshooting and minor repairs

We organize the process of troubleshooting and minor repairs of the equipment in the premises, unless the tenant is obligated to do so.

Consulting services

We advise property owners on how to enhance their assets to maximize returns. We provide legal and tax consultation related to the management of the owner’s real estate.

Other services

Upon the owner’s request, we provide additional services under the best market conditions (insurance, security, cleaning, etc.). We remind the owner of expiring lease, insurance, and other contracts. With additional authorization, we can represent the owner when dealing with the State Tax Inspectorate, the Register Center, and other state institutions. This service is negotiated individually and may involve an additional fee.

Benefits and advantages

Our goal is to optimize the client’s asset management costs, increase rental income, and enhance the value of the property.


Highest return on investment

We increase client income derived from real estate rentals.


Safe and smooth process

We ensure the security of the client’s property and a smooth rental process, protecting against concerns and errors.


Owner representation

If the client lives abroad, we personally attend meetings with tenants and address various household rental issues


Timely payments

We ensure that payments for rent and utility expenses are made on time


Assistance in the event of an insurance incident

We represent the client in the event of an insurance incident and also take care of minor repairs or troubleshooting


Consultation on tax matters

We provide consultation on the taxes that need to be paid when renting out property and prepare all the necessary rental documents


Search for a new tenant

We take care of the property when it’s necessary to find a new tenant


Premises inspection

We conduct a property inventory after the end of the lease term

Get in touch

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1. What is property management service?

Property management, or property administration, is the delegation of real estate maintenance functions to a third party, in this case, Ober-Haus.

2. What type of property do you manage?

We manage all types of residential properties: apartments, houses, cottages, and other structures, ensuring a smooth rental management process for all property owners – both legal entities and private individuals.

3. In which Lithuanian cities do you provide services?

We provide property management services in Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipėda.

4. How much does property management service cost?

The property management service is subject to monthly fees, and the amount to be paid depends on the size of the rent. For service prices, please inquire via email at or by phone at +370 647 38 783.

5. How will I know that utility fees have been paid?

You will have the opportunity to check relevant information on suppliers’ self-service websites.

6. What to do if a tenant moves out of the apartment?

When the tenant moves out of the apartment or house, we will conduct an inventory. This is done taking into account the annex drawn up according to the lease agreement, which specifies the list of equipment (the representative preparing the contract is responsible for preparing the list and transferring the premises before the tenant moves in (real estate broker, owner, etc.)). We will also take care of finding a new tenant.

7. For what period is signed the agreement?

The property management contract is indefinite.

8. Do you manage short-term rentals?

We provide long-term rental management services only (minimum duration of 12 months).

9. What to do if the tenant breaks furniture or damages the equipment in the apartment, etc.?

We follow the terms of the Lease Agreement, which must specify the mechanism for compensating for losses, describe the responsibilities, and outline the sanctions that the parties to the agreement assume.

10. What to do if the tenant does not settle for rental services on time?

If there are delays in paying the rent, utilities, and other service charges, the Ober-Haus representative presents reminders, claims, or similar documents to the tenant. If these are not taken into account, further actions are taken according to the sanctions specified in the Lease Agreement, legal acts, and procedures.

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