Commercial property and investment services

We provide our customers with solutions that create long-term value

Accumulating extensive experience in the commercial real estate market, we provide professional and personalized services for all types of commercial real estate sales, acquisitions, leasing, and consulting throughout Lithuania and the Baltic countries. Viewing each client’s needs and goals as our own, and sharing our expertise and knowledge, we strive to offer the best solutions that create long-term value for our clients in the commercial real estate market.

Sale of commercial property

We take care of all stages of commercial real estate sales: from preparing the sales strategy for the property to contract execution. We work with various types of properties, including offices, commercial and logistics spaces, and land plots in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.


Experience and expertise

We have a particularly strong understanding of the real estate market in Lithuania, including the specific nuances of various cities and regions, market trends, ongoing transactions, pricing, and the overall economic and investment environment.


Taking into account the client’s situation and goals, we are able to accurately determine the property’s value and develop the most suitable sales and pricing strategy.


Customer-centric approach

Your goals are our priority. We aim to thoroughly understand your business objectives in the real estate market and ensure that any real estate transaction aligns with your expectations and long-term vision.


Marketing and buyer reach

Our goal is to reach and captivate every potential buyer. We utilize proven and effective marketing tools, constantly exploring new sales channels ranging from external information dissemination methods to internal sales channels.


We have an extensive network of potential buyers, investors, and other market participants, allowing us to reach both actively searching real estate seekers and inactive but potential buyers.


Negotiation skills

Commercial real estate transactions are complex and depend on various conditions. We are experienced negotiators, capable of achieving the most valuable agreement for all parties involved in the transaction.


We strive to obtain the maximum value for our clients, encompassing property preparation for sale, the creation of the most suitable deal structure, as well as negotiations for the best price, discounts, and any other additional terms of the transaction.


Legal analysis and audit

We ensure that all necessary documents for the transaction, negotiations, pricing, and preparation of the sales strategy are properly prepared.


We assist in the legal audit process, coordinating related processes such as evaluation, cadastral or geodetic surveys, technical and legal audits, and other document preparation processes.


Time efficiency

The sale of commercial real estate is typically a lengthy process. We handle all processes related to sales, knowing how to manage them efficiently, allowing our clients to focus on their business and other priorities.


We can effectively utilize time and streamline the sales process, thereby reducing the time required for real estate sales.


Insights and advice for the future

With extensive experience both in the local market and in the Baltic countries, and a particularly strong market research and analysis team, we provide clients with forecasts and insights into future changes in the real estate market, assisting our clients in making informed and accurately calculated decisions.

Commercial space rental

Do you have an office, warehouse, retail space, building or other commercial space and want to rent it out successfully? Or are you looking for the space that best suits your needs?

We actively work with all types of commercial real estate properties and provide professional, client-oriented representation to tenants or landlords throughout Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

For those looking for premises

Ober-Haus helps business clients find the best commercial real estate (office, warehouse, retail or manufacturing) for their current and future needs, and negotiates the most favourable lease terms or renegotiates them with the existing landlord.

For those looking for space, the experienced Ober-Haus team provides companies with an up-to-date overview of the real estate market and its prospects, tailored leasing scenarios, a detailed evaluation of all possible lease offers and a comparative financial matrix. Ober-Haus clients are therefore able to make the best, measured and forward-looking leasing decision.

For those renting premises

Ober-Haus provides all related leasing services to clients leasing premises: market and trend overview, analysis of the leasing situation of specific premises or building – evaluation of the terms of agreements with tenants, assessment of the rental income, tenant composition, quality and opportunities for increasing rental income, active search for tenants, preparation of the leasing strategy, representation at negotiations.

For developers of commercial premises or buildings, Ober-Haus provides design and planning advice at the design stage, marketing strategy development and tenant occupancy and other related services.

Investments in commercial property

Ober-Haus advises and represents investors and property managers on the acquisition and sale of individual properties or portfolios of all types (office, hotel, residential, warehouse, retail or manufacturing properties, as well as investment-grade land plots or sites) throughout Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We aim to help our clients to make investment decisions that are accurately measured and focused on long-term value.

Advising sellers

For sellers of investment property, we provide both an overview of the commercial property market and its trends, and an analysis of the liquidity, price and sales prospects of a particular property or portfolio. We also advise on the optimal transaction structure, preparing the property for sale and maximising its value, selecting a marketing strategy and preparing for negotiations. We accompany or fully represent our clients during the transaction until its completion.

Advising investors

We provide investors with broad and in-depth market-based advice, including: commercial real estate or segment-specific market overviews, search for and listing of potential properties suitable for acquisition, investment analysis (financial, liquidity and future sales prospects), acquisition plan and structuring, negotiation preparation and representation, and assistance through to completion.

Are you looking for new office space?

Our interactive map of Vilnius business centers will help you find all administrative buildings with an area of no less than 1,000 m²

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About OHmap

Ober-Haus presents an interactive business center map OHMAP ( The first virtual tool of its kind in Lithuania helps you find all administrative and other purpose buildings constructed since 1999 and currently under construction in Vilnius, with a useful office space of no less than 1,000 m².

The interactive map provides the option to choose the construction status of buildings: displaying both already constructed and buildings currently under construction. The map also features continuously updated key information about each object, including a building photo, name, address, and construction year.

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