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I have gained long-term experience on the real estate market by representing one of the largest real estate service companies in Lithuania for almost 20 years. My extensive experience of working for Ober-Haus has allowed me to fully and comprehensively familiarise myself with the activities of the real estate sector, to contribute directly to the implementation of the company’s marketing solutions and to focus on analysing the entire real estate market. A strong sense of responsibility, diligence, attention to detail, loyalty and professional intuition have helped me to work successfully under rapidly changing real estate market conditions.


In the position of Research Manager for the Baltics, I am directly responsible for the management of commercial and residential real estate data and their application in the day-to-day business activities of the company. Market data collection, analysis and practical application cover almost all of the real estate segments in Lithuania’s largest cities. I am also responsible for the preparation of regular real estate reports and the creation/support of specialised real estate market analysis products, which are utilised by both local and international users: clients, state institutions, public organisations, commercial banks, the media and other market players.


I am also responsible for coordinating the operations of the Ober-Haus market research team in all three Baltic countries and direct communication with global real estate service leaders (CBRE, JLL, C&W and others).


Work experience in figures:


Data and information enquiries (media, state institutions, public organisations, etc.): >1.000

Monthly publications and reports: >300

Presentations: >100

Paid consultancy (feasibility studies, market reviews, project analyses, etc.): >100

Quarterly & half-year reports: >70

Annual reports: >10

Specialised real estate products: OHBI index, OHBI web-calculator, NTkaina, OHMAP

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