Ateities TRIO / Vilniaus m. sav., Fabijoniškės, Ateities g.

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For rent office premises of various sizes in the Ateities TRIO business center located on Ateities street. The building of the business center is energy efficiency class A. The building integrates advanced engineering equipment, self-renewable (geothermal, solar, air) energy is used for cooling the business premises. The administrative premises are equipped with a separate autonomous ventilation system, the efficiency of which reaches as high as 85-95%. For the convenience of tenants and their customers there are available parking lots. Advantages of the Ateities TRIO business center: • Class A energy consumption efficiency; • Advanced engineering equipment; • Geothermal, solar, air energy. In each specific rental case, according to the tenant needs, an offer of area, price and parking spaces is provided.

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