Naujasis Skansenas / Vilniaus m. sav., Šnipiškės, Linkmenų g.

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Building rentable area - up to 6000 sq. M, standard floor area - 1423 sq. M, number of floors - 5 + terrace, 145 parking spaces. - Energy efficiency class A + - BREEM - International certificate for sustainable buildings - Energy-efficient LED lighting - 35 electric car charging stations - Bicycle storage with single entry - Modern and high efficiency ventilation and cooling system with air humidification - Bright work spaces filled with natural light every day lighting - Acoustic comfort indoors - Automatic state license plate reading system - Each tenant has a separate heating system accounting with remote data reading - Building management and automation system (BMS) - Room height at least 2.80 m. Business center “New Skansen” Linkmenu str. 17A is expected to complete construction work in 2021. Q3. Premises rent - 14,00 € / sq.m + VAT. All details and commercial lease terms are negotiated through live communication.

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