Ulonų verslo centras / Vilniaus m. sav., Žirmūnai, Verkių g.

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For rent office space of various sizes in Ulonai business center. Equipped with modern technologies and engineering systems, the harmonious business center of exceptional architecture is located between Ulonų and Verkių streets, Šiaurės town, Vilnius. B + energy efficiency class, seven-storey building is almost 4000 m² of usable space for offices and 432 m² for retail space. Commercial premises are planned on the ground floor. Administrative premises are planned on the second - seventh floors. Cars are parked underground and above ground. Advantages of Ulonai business center: • Rational and convenient layout of the premises; • Economical windows with installed solar and heat control; • Modern building management and maintenance system; • Modern and efficient indoor ventilation, conditioning and heating systems; • Excellent layout and visibility of the building; • Attractive location for retail space; • Ensuring the safety of employees; • High-speed information technology network. In each specific rental case, an offer of space, price and parking spaces is provided according to the needs of the tenant.

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