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Centro Duetas

Vilniaus m. sav., Šnipiškės
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Construction of the new residential project Centro Duetas has been launched at 81 Lvovo Street, in the vicinity of Konstitucijos Avenue in the centra...

Nauji butai Bendorėliuose

Vilniaus m. sav., Klevinė
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For sale low storey apartment project just 13km outside Vilnius city center in Bendoreliai. Warm and cozy 64sqm 2 bedroom and 79sqm 3 bedroom apartments with free parking near the project.


Vilniaus m. sav., Žirmūnai
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Didmiesčiuose sparčiai plintantį minimalistinį gyvenimo būdą renkasi vis daugiau žmonių. Gyvenimas, neapkrautas daiktais ir nereikalingais kvadratiniais metrais, formuoja naują būsto suvokimą, stilių ...


Vilniaus m. sav., Santariškės
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FOR SALE 5 rooms, 250 sq.m. cottages in Santariskes, V. Kuzmos st., 2018 y. construction.
Superbly built 4 houses guarantees a comfortable and quality living conditions.
Each house could...

T. Kosciuškos g. 17A

Druskininkų sav., Druskininkų m.
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Luxury class apartments for sale in Druskininkai resort, T. Kosciuškos St. Apartments are sold fully finished, without furniture. Area of the apartments - 26,55 - 94,34 sq. meters. Perfect location bo...


Vilniaus m. sav., Visoriai
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For sale 5 rooms, 148 sq.m. cottage in Visoriai, V. Macernis st., 2017 y. construction. Superbly built in a quiet neighbourhood "Macernis home" neighborhood guarantees a comfortable and quality living...

Kopų Žuvėdra

Klaipėdos m. sav., Giruliai
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The newly constructed private and gated for your comfort and relaxation in the Baltic Sea coast, in the city of Klaipeda, Giruliai.
The rustle of the Baltic Sea, pine forests, quiet streets, se...

Antakalnio krantas

Vilniaus m. sav., Antakalnis
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The facade of "Antakalnio krantas" is facing the coast of ever lively river Neris and it's green slope. Our city is blossoming with life and change - the Neris shore is rolling out new paths and becom...

Nauji butai "Versminėje"

Druskininkų sav., Druskininkų m.
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"Versminė" - flat complex on the boundary of Druskininkai resort, Merkinės Str. 13. We can offer apartmens fro 39 to 60 sq. meters in the third house Merkinės Str. 13. Flats, offerred in this complex ...