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Panevėžio m. sav., Kniaudiškiai
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The new residential quarter "Ainių namai" is being developed in the western part of the city, which is popular with Panevėžys residents. The location of the Ainių namai quarter is attractive...


Vilniaus m. sav., Žvėrynas
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Luxury Apartments for sale in the prestigious "Zverynas" neighbourhood of Vilnius. Located on picturesque Birutes Street, a stone's throw from the Neris River and Vinges Park. Are situated within an h...

Beržo namai

Vilniaus r. sav., Riešės k.
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In the newly formed residential quarter in Riešė, semi-detached houses are for sale. We are building rationally planned 104-115 m² 4-room A + energy class houses with a terrace and a private plot. Saf...

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