Liepų terasos / Klaipėdos m. sav., Šauliai, Arimų g.

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Can there be a more comfortable place to live than a place near the river, nature and close to the city center? Life at Liepų Terraces will be as comfortable as you really did not expect: - you will be able to walk around the nearby Dane River Valley. - The trip to the beaches of the Baltic Sea by bike or electric scooter will take only 15 minutes. - Supermarkets, sports clubs or educational establishments are just a few minutes away by car. On the lime terraces you will have what was hard to imagine even in the new quarters: electric car charging stations, quarter video surveillance system, modern bicycle storage, car roofs with warehouses that match the architecture of the quarter. Entrance to the quarter will be limited by lift barriers, car parking will be away from the windows of the living quarters. Modernity is not a challenge for us: not only the quarter, but also the apartments so that all residents feel comfortable - each apartment will have its own terrace or veranda, balcony or loggia. Your apartment will be equipped with air mini-recuperators, which will ensure fresh and clean air in the rooms, a modern individual underfloor heating system, which will allow you to individually adjust the heating zones in each room. You will have all the necessary engineering infrastructure ready to install the air conditioners, so you can easily install your air conditioner and enjoy the coolness on hot summer days. Comfort  Energy class: A +  Heated floor with separate regulation for each room  Equipped with mini recuperators  Possibility to install air conditioning Security  Lockable bicycle storage near the house  Area access control (barriers)  Impact-sound insulation between floors  Electronic access control l Distinctiveness  Electric car charging stations  Each apartment will have either a terrace or a balcony or a loggia or a veranda  Parking shelters with storage facilities  Location near nature and the city center Leisure  Children's playground with a rubber surface  Green areas, walking paths The apartments on the fourth floor have terraces to the east and west, as well as glazed verandas, the area of which is indicated in the price list. The price of the apartments includes partial decoration, the price of the terrace or balcony or loggia or veranda. Covered parking with storage or open parking is available at an additional cost.

Floor no.
Area, m2
Price, €
Building nr: - Flat nr: -
Floor: 1 Rooms: 1
Area: 38.77 m² Price/m²1729.92
Price67069 EUR
Building nr: - Flat nr: -
Floor: 1 Rooms: 2
Area: 53.91 m² Price/m²1571.04
Price84695 EUR
Building nr: - Flat nr: -
Floor: 2 Rooms: 2
Area: 45.08 m² Price/m²1614.13
Price72765 EUR
Building nr: - Flat nr: -
Floor: 1 Rooms: 3
Area: 53.14 m² Price/m²1425
Price75739 EUR
Building nr: - Flat nr: -
Floor: 2 Rooms: 3
Area: 56.21 m² Price/m²1466
Price82388 EUR
Building nr: - Flat nr: -
Floor: 4 Rooms: 4
Area: 61.04 m² Price/m²1850
Price112924 EUR

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